Greetings, friend. The name’s Rick, and this is my virtual yard sale. Thanks for visiting.

My family and I are an American success story. We used to live in New Jersey. We had excellent, productive careers, and New Jersey was sucking us dry; something had to change. So we up and left.

New Jersey continues to experience negative population growth as people flee. We’re part of that statistic.

We began by lightening our load. Streamlining, we came to call it in conversation, and the job took a while. But we finally beat that scary basement and garage, once filled to overflowing, into submission. Sold a lot, gave even more away, and recycled (or discarded) most of the rest. The old home has been sold. (That last part took a solid year, though, costing a small fortune in taxes.)

Today we’re in sunny Florida! No more bad weather, oppressive taxes, legendary traffic, and… well, you get the idea. Unpacking and settling in, I’ve discovered even more stuff that would be better off elsewhere.

This site lives on…

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